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« We propose you a residential, commercial or industrial service of collection. The team recuperate your furniture, appliances, renovation debris, office equipment and way more. »


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« We propose you a residential, commercial or industrial service of containers. It allows you to free your space of useless things, renovation debris and way more. »
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« When the furniture and accessories are reusable, we gift them to charity and we recycle raw material such as metals, wood, paper, plastic and way more. »
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Rental containers - 14, 20 ,40 yards

Besides our service of collection, we offer you a service of rental containers, for residential, commercial or industrial.


Besides our service of rental container, we offer you a collection service, for residential, commercial or industrial. We collect your articles as fast as possible. The team of collect your furniture, appliances and your construction debris. Our employees arrive on time and evaluate the cost free. If you agree, we do the job and sweep the floor!

What we do with the things we collect

When the furniture accessories are reusable, we donnate to charity who gives back to the poor, we also support ( social reintegration organization ) and other non-profit organization. Thus, ( we pay forward ) and help our society. We recycle the big part of what we collect, for exemple: wood, paper, metal plastic and a lot more. We really believe that recycling is important, that is why we support the research in new recycling techniques. Yet, certain things are not recyclable, we take care of those things in respect of the environmental norms.


The rental container allows you to get rid of your useless stuff, construction debris such as wood, drywall, ceramic tiles, cupboards, doors and windows, concrete, bricks, and other materials. It's the less expensive solution if you are ready to work! LEARN MORE ...